Life as ONE

Seekers of truth today I feel are turning into be-ers of truth…

Many are beginning to see beyond the fear they were conditioned into and opting to devote themselves to the ONE, truth instead…then miraculously witnessing the field around them beginning to shift without them doing anything but also when fear comes back having the awareness to see the power they are truly emanating from their feeling space. ┬áIt’s happening and more and more will naturally begin responding to this shift for themselves as well. It is the will of life. No thought process or mind prison can stop a momentum that was always meant to be. True manifestation always happened through the heart’s electromagnetic field and the collective heart gets to clear now and really see what it was meant to manifest from a unity consciousness and how it was meant to happen in the world of form and energy.

Plenty of thoughts daily counter and cloud the essense of truth, the essence of truly and simply being but I have found that the doing is whole lot more fun when I can stay in the awareness of being while doing. It has taken many years to peace things together but now it can happen more instantaneously for people. That’s when one can start to really understand oneness also. No one is more advanced or less advanced or anything. How one is expressing in the world of form simply is. The mind compares, the heart stays silent and knows no difference.

Pure unadulterated Intelligence is the birthright of the soul and can be received directly from the eternal source at every moment and breath. All the books and technology and everything are no match from what a person can open up to direct. Our bodies are simply receivers to the frequencies. Clearing and cleaning out the muck will refine the reciever to receive the frequency of truth beyond the chaos of the information that keeps up a fascade of divide. That way will eventually tire, exhaust and expire. The definition of nature is that which develops at its own accord so nothing can be forced or rushed and there are no right are wrong ways during this purification process. It’s just one giant hodge podge of everything and anything happening right now, much of it unconsciously for this mass clearing of the collective mind made up muck muck.

This quote by Meher Baba sums up the feelings of now:

“Thus, the most powerful mind in imagination is entirely helpless against Knowledge, because it comes only after all power of imagination is completely and absolutely exhausted and ended. For imagination to go, mind must go; and for Knowledge to come, consciousness must remain. Only when the mind disappears does consciousness get freed of all imaginary “this and that” and “I and you.” The moment consciousness is freed from all imagination, this “consciousness of nothing” is all at once transformed into the “Knowledge of Everything,” -Meher Baba:




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