Holding Space

Holding Space assists people to realize their own power to feel into a healing process from within.  Being fully present is how space is held for others. Once stillness is found within my heart, I can offer this gift to others. I provide the environment where one can be present and rest in their own stillness so they can go that much deeper into their massage.

My practice with “Holding Space” has helped me go deeper with my own practice to understand more and more the human condition and how alike human beings truly are. Everyone just wants to be heard, loved, cared about and to feel safe in the company of others.

I first came to learn the term “Holding Space” in my Polarity Therapy classes at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where Gary Strauss leads and teaches the program. Gary Strauss is the Founder of The Life Energy Institute in Los Angeles, Calfornia. https://lifeenergyinstitute.net/¬†

Here are 2 videos of Gary Strauss explaining Polarity Therapy:



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