I attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to get my license in Massage Therapy and then I returned to study Transformational Psychology.  I have learned a multitude of body work modalities and have obtained awareness of holistic health and wellness (including mental health and wellness). Through my schooling and out of sheer hunger to learn all things WHOLE-istic,  I came to a better understanding of the deeper and inner workings of the psyche in connection and dance with the body. The emotional and psychological issues land in the tissues. Let’s work together to bring awareness to and release what is no longer serving your body. SHEER AWARENESS can move mountains!

Modalities I mainly work with include Myotherapy Massage and Thai Massage.  (Elevated) Thai Massage is an added stretching component (along with Sports Massage) that brings in next level relief and more healing for my clients.

Backstory: I was the daughter of an Alopathic Doctor. My Father passed away when I was 12 years old. He had a Brain Tumor, Epilepsy and Cancer eventually took his life. This life changing experience  left me very upset and confused as my Father was a DOCTOR and “healing” people, but why could he not heal himself with everything he knew and with everything he was doing within the realm of modern medicine to “take care of it”??

When I reached my early 20’s I realized there was absolute connection between what we were choosing to put in our bodies and how much that affected our quality of life in mind, body and spirit. I saw people disconnected from their own bodies as a result. A certain level of numbing has been achieved by the collective over time now where the focus has been on drugs and synthetic medicine over awareness of the body’s innate intelligence to protect, prevent and be 100 percent optimal if a person chose that awareness path.  I saw it in my own life and all the lives around me.  So many people like my Father suffered and many people still suffer today from a myriad of ailments on the very basis of not taking proper preventative and proactive care of their health. Awareness is the first step!

I began the journey to take care of my health and learn everything I needed to learn to live and maintain an optimal lifestyle. I chose and choose to stay as proactively healthy as possible to best show up to myself and others in my life. Life is full of ups and downs, and twists and turns enough as it is so to stay healthy is to be able to meet life with as much energy and strength as I can. Vices are fine but if you let them control you than you’re not in the drivers seat of achieving and maintaining ultimate and optimal levels of health.

I am accessible to help anyone take back their health through proactive and preventative care for their life in mind, body and spirit. Taking care of yourself by getting regular body work keeps you connected to your body and better able to serve the innate intelligence of your body.  I will meet any person where they are at to work with what works for them on their path of optimal health.

It is my mission in life for my human family to become masters of their health with the infinite knowledge available and firmly believe it can be done! We can all tap into our body’s innate intelligence!